Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day and First Timers

Valentine's day reminded me of something: I haven't done a blog in a while. I'm just kidding, what valentine's day really makes me think about is how much I value good teaching (OK........we do not celebrate v-day at our house. At least I don't. But I did give my wife a high five in the morning and shouted "love ya!" That's good enough......right?). I hate the way teachers are currently being depicted by some members of the media and some independent factions. Teachers make schools great, plain and simple. Like any other profession, some are good/great, some aren't; but make no mistake, teachers are what makes schools successful. There are some links about teaching and education in this country below. Also, some helpful links for first timers and Google.

  • Disturbing information about the United States. I still think it's the best country in the world, but we've got some work to do.
  • Really significant blog post here, 10 things about teaching I wished I never learned.
  • Class sizes are rising; 60 kids in a class in Detroit.
  • This blogger is tired of teacher-bashing.
  • Illinois has a proposed bill to link teacher tenure and evaluation to test results.
  • Why teachers are enraged.
  • The rhetoric towards teachers these days is mostly negative. We are walking down a dangerous path in the way we are speaking about teachers.
First Timers:
  • For Twitter, please view this quick tutorial and get signed up! If used properly, twitter can be a very useful tool in education.
  • For Diigo, read this and this. Diigo allows internet users to bookmark pages, highlight important passages, and add sticky notes. Also, this can be done collaboratively with a group. Great possibilities for the classroom.
  • Tired of juggling files between your school computer and your home computer? Dropbox is for you.
Tunes to consider: The Cave, by Mumford and Sons. Better Together, Jack Johnson. California Stars, Wilco.

The Bulls are holding very strong, especially considering Boozer, Rose and Noah have played together less than 10 times. The Melo trade to the Knicks just made the East a little more interesting. Still love the Bulls chances of a 2nd round match-up against Celts or Heat. The Red Sox begin spring training with a lot of hope. Need less injuries and the pitching to bounce back for a championship year.

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